Metis 2 - DIT IS WIJS

DIT IS WIJS is a recruitment agency active in the primary education sector. They provide schools with short term and long term (substitute) teachers within the whole of the Netherlands.

The company initially contacted me to add Twinfield integration for automatic invoicing to Metis - their company-wide custom backoffice system. For that task I have used the existing client, salary, and schedule data in the backoffice system to automatically match it to Twinfield relations, calculate invoice hourly rates based on salary costs, and fill the invoices based on the teacher hours worked at every school. After verifying that this information was send through Twinfield API successfully, a PDF was generated and emailed to a school.

Since all those steps had to previously be done manually, this meant large efficiency improvements and savings for the company. They could grow significantly without hiring any more administrative FTE's. The project went well enough that I have been asked to add more functionality to Metis (such as SMS notifications and debtors management module) and eventually to take over the maintenance and development of the whole system.

The most important part of this project has been the launch of Metis v2, a completely redesigned standalone application based on the modern Symfony PHP framework. This improved the efficiency, speed, and quality of the delivered functionality and code in comparison with the legacy application.

As of 2020 the new application has been delivered with the modules for managing contracts and salary, recruitment (job postings and incoming job applications from candidates), and a number of management reports. I have also set up a REST API to display open jobs on the company website and other platforms as well as to process any data submitted by potential candidates.

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