Even though web application development activities do not have a large environmental footprint in general, every single company - no matter how big or how small - should care enough about the future to minimize and offset their environmental footprint.

I certainly believe that the best way to achieve change is to start with yourself. I'm proud that all of my business activities have had a net zero direct CO2 emmisions since 2017.

This has been achieved by:

  • The electricity used in my office is 100% from renewable sources and produced within the Netherlands. All natural gas usage is fully CO2 compensated.
  • Paperless. All invoices, proposals, and contracts are provided digitally - except if a paper copy is explicitly requested by a client.
  • Use of fully electrified transportation, charged by 100% renewable energy.
  • All websites and applications hosted by myself are part of the Green Web Foundation which means the servers are powered by 100% renewable energy.
  • If possible, all assets are sold for reuse after they are no longer useful to me. Otherwise they are properly recycled and never just thrown out.
  • A yearly contribution to the Fair Climate Fund is made to (more than) compensate any leftover CO2 footprint and to cover rare situations where electric transportation or the use of 100% renewable energy is not possible.


The potential suppliers for any investment are examined on their sustainability policies and results. Only companies that go well above the industry standards are considered.

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